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Updated on March 26  2017

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Houdini Particles

Deborah R. Fowler

Particles and Procedural Effects references

Posted: 2013
Updated: Sept 5  2015

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Must reads for any students planning/currently taking VSFX 428/728: Note that scale is important!

Below under the topic Particles in Dynamics I go thru the new particle workflow as of Houdini 13.0.

Also highly recommended tutorials (although they are older, they still have good information):

As of Houdini 13.0, particles are fully integrated into the dynamics workflow.
Since Houdini 12.5 OpenVDB volumes have been integrated and appear in numerous places.
The new cloud tools use them but also the FLIP fluid tools use the openVDB volumes to surface particles in place of the particle fluid surface SOP. Click on the links below for more information.
Check out what's new in 13.0.
Check out what was new in 12.5 in the documentation and this article by fxguide.
Here are some recent postings about Point Clouds in Houdini (thanks Steve S. and Zak D.)