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Updated on March 26  2017

Tips and Tricks (list)

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Houdini Webinars/Tutorials

Deborah R. Fowler

Houdini Webinars and Videos - Quick Summary

Updated on Mar 25  2017

Masterclasses: (listed on SideFX)

H15.5 Crowds in Houdini 15.5
H15 masterclass on Crowds

H15_masterclass on style sheets

H15 Masterclass - Loops - new way to do loops in VOPs and SOPs (Dec 2015)

H13 Masterclass - Lighting and Rendering (May 2014)

H13 Masterclass - Bullet with Cameron White
H13 Masterclass - Particles with Jeff Lait

Newer on vimeo Go Procedural:

VR Lens Camera

Houdini Roadmap Presentation | SIGGRAPH 2016 (Robert Magee)

What's New in H16

What's New in H15.5

Lighting Shading & Rendering (Kai Stavginski) Aug 22, 2016

Jeff Wagner's Webinars - Flip Fluids (Sept 8, 2016)

Jeff Wagner's Webinars - Learning Houdini (July 21, 2016)

Jeff Wagner's Webinars - Houdini VEX (July 6, 2016)
Jeff Wagner's Webinars - H15.5 New Features (May 31, 2016)