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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Houdini Overview

Deborah R. Fowler

Houdini Overview

Posted Dec 12  2017
Updated on Jan 28  2018

A very quick overview of the essentials for 16.5.268 on vimeo

This section is intended to give an overview of commonly used techniques in Houdini. This is from my personal perspective - opinions are freely given. There is extensive documentation at SideFX.com which goes into greater depth.

Lighting in Houdini

Compositing in Houdini - for serious compositing work, use Nuke, however Houdini has a handy in-application compositing network which is terrific for testing layers/passes without having to ever leave the package

Modeling in Houdini

Shading in Houdini

UVs in Houdini

Complex Scenes

Trouble Shooting

Caching/Saving Geometry

Non-Houdini Advice: Demo Reel Tips / Cover Letters-Email / Interviews (as long as I'm on the topic of general advice)