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Updated on March 26  2017

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Houdini Resources - Introduction

Deborah R. Fowler

Houdini Resources - Introduction

Updated on March 27  2017



Also see

In addition, scratchapixel has some great tips on some of the concepts you will be dealing with such as BRDF, volume rendering, and subsurface scattering.

Houdini is a software package produced by Side Effects Software. Side Effects has been in business since 1987 and is a Canadian company based in Toronto with an LA office in Santa Monica. Their core technology is procedural techniques and their software has been used in over 300 films. They have also been twice awarded an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Houdini is their flagship product (very early versions called prism).

Versions/Licensing - you can use Houdini for free!

Winter/Spring Quarter 2017 we will be using version 15.5.632. In order to avoid issues with your files and the renderfarm you are strongly advised to use the same version.

If you have problems with not being able to write to the license file on Windows, run Houdini as administrator (right click on the icon to select this option). You can set this to be the default by right clicking, going to properties, advanced and checking run as administrator.

Houdini 15.5 has some fantastic new features and H16 is anticipated February 2017.
See the Houdini Roadmap from SIGGRAPH 2016

Houdini 15 was introduced at SIGGRAPH 2015, released mid October 2015.
Also, Houdini to Arnold (HtoA) and Houdini Indie were introduced at SIGGRAPH 2014.

NEW in (Winter/Spring 2016 version - released mid Oct 2015) Lava, Crowds, Animation tools, RIS support, much more!
NEW in 14.0.361 (Fall 2015 only version - sand solver! start of crowd tools, excellent interface changes, animation improvements!)
NEW IN 13.0.582 (Winter/Spring 2015 version - H14 will be released Jan 15th, 2015
NEW IN 13.0.476
(Fall 2014 version)
NEW IN 13.0.237 (Spring 2014 Version)