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Updated on March 26  2017

Tips and Tricks (list)

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RBD | Bullet

Deborah R. Fowler

RBD | Bullet

Posted: 2013
Updated: April 1  2017

SCALE MATTERS IN DYNAMICS! (Houdini measures in meters/kg/seconds - 1 unit is a meter (about 3 feet))

Check out the masterclasses on the bullet solver (H12) and bullet solver (H13)

Also, if you have not done so already, go thru the documentation on dynamics. Be sure to include reading the "top ten" lists (see Subtopics/Learning Dynamics near the bottom of the page) that link to further pages.

There are clear instructions on caching simulations here (H13) and here (H15).


Also remember, if you want to use a number of objects, there is a similar node somewhat like the copy node - RBD point object - see the tips and tricks RBD section and jelly bean examples.

Proxy geometry can be very useful in speeding up your sim times.
(Example coming soon)

Try a simple solver:
create a sphere, inside the geometry container add a Solver node, connect the sphere as the first input and inside the solver add a transform node with 0 1 0 and connect it to Prev_Frame

Pdf versions of my powerpoints on dynamics and bullet (updated for version 14).