Python Resources

Updated on July 16  2014

Python Resources

Deborah R. Fowler

Resources for Python

Updated on  July 18  2014

Sites: The best starting places for learning Python are:

Also recommended are
For a brief introduction to OOP:

In addition Professor Malcolm Kesson has information on Python at
Kenneth Huff has extensive references and some wonderful gems on his site including:

Sewang recommended this website on Houdini and Python

You can also use Python in Maya (Soum (ITGM) recommends this video to get started).

Also, these two textbooks are geared toward game students, but are good introductions:
The first book listed is written by the same author that has written an excellent textbook for C++ ( previously used in ITGM 315).

Two books that are interesting when using Python in other contexts (available at Safari Books Online) are: